Work safely with hotmelt guns
Apr 25

Work safely with hotmelt guns

Work safely with hotmelt guns

With the H301-25-ISO hotmelt guns you make the machine safer for machine operators and technicians. Thanks to protective covers, the chance of contact burns is minimized. A standard module and a standard solenoid valve are used.

No extra costs for new spare parts

You can also use the spare parts of the H301 adhesive hotmelt gun for the H301-25-ISO. That means no additional costs for new spare parts.

Does this hotmelt gun also fit in your machine?

Yes. The hotmelt gun is in almost all machines a 1-to-1 replacement of the standard H301 hotmelt gun. The construction of the solenoid valve can easily be adapted to the customer’s wishes. The solenoid valve can be mounted at the rear or at the top.

Download the PDFs with dimensions.

Choose the drawing with the solenoid valve on the back or the solenoid valve on the top.

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