Production cardboard honeycomb pallets machine
Apr 25

Production cardboard honeycomb pallets machine

Machine for production honeycomb cardboard pallets

For supplying glassware to a store, one of our clients was looking for a method to mount cardboard feet under cardboard honeycomb pallets. The client asked BIT to come up with an efficient solution for this.

Within this solution we had to think about the following factors:

  • The product must be reproducible
  • Creating four workplaces for people with a distance from the labor market
  • Four different sizes of pallets
  • +/- 140,000 pieces per year
  • Each pallet foot must be able to carry a 140 Nm force

Solution and division of tasks

After a design by BIT Hotmelt Technology in collaboration with the relation, suppliers in machine technology have realized the machine. The machine is equipped with the CompactAir8 hotmelt foam unit. As a result, the adhesive has a long open time, a sufficient volume and saves > 50% of hotmelt. The hotmelt components used for this solution are:

  • CompactAir8
  • Circulating adhesive hoses
  • H300 hotmelt guns (custom)

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