Hotmelt solutions for Euro Caps
Oct 01
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Hotmelt solutions for Euro Caps

Hotmelt solutions for Euro Caps

Euro Caps was founded in 2012 and within this short time it has become one of the largest worldwide producer of private label coffee capsules. With an annual sales of more than one billion capsules, an optimal production process is extremely important. However, the production process of Euro Caps was delayed due to problems with the gluing installations, resulting in machine downtime, product breakdown and open packaging. BIT Hotmelt Technology helped Euro Caps solve these hotmelt problems.

Problems with hotmelt equipment Euro Caps:
  • Uneven glue yields
  • Clogging of glue heads and nozzles
  • Weak adjustment of glue heads
  • Wrong type of hotmelt
Solutions BIT Hotmelt Technology
1. Selected a new hotmelt:
  • Better adhesion therefore less open packages
  • Asable at low temperatures
  • Less pollution in the machine
2. Adjustments to equipment:
  • Adjustment brackets, with only 1 possibility of mounting
  • One type of nozzle so equal glue yields
3. Performing preventive maintenance:
  • Reduction nozzle clogging
  • Equal glue yields
4. Course hotmelt for technical staff:
  • Basic knowledge of hotmelt equipment
  • Less downtime of the machines
  • Risk of accidents minimized

“After our former supplier could not help us quickly with the problems, we were alerted to BIT Hotmelt Technology. BIT Hotmelt Technology came, saw and conquered. Short lines of communications, good solutions as a result of a decent plan of approach. We are very satisfied and hope for a long-term cooperation.”

Rogier Schregardus – firma Euro Caps

BIT Hotmelt Technology

We are the hotmelt specialist you are looking for. In addition to applications in production companies such as Euro Caps, we are specialized in many other sectors. For a specialized solution you are at the right address. Besides innovative solutions you can contact us for maintenance of your hotmelt systems. With access to mobile workplaces and VCA certified technicians, you can count on BIT Hotmelt Technology. Would you like to receive more information? Feel free to contact us.