Carpet assembly

Carpet assembly

Applying volumefoam or an antislip back is a very common solution for the production of carpets. It is often done using solvent based glues, which is very harmful to the environment and humans. BIT Hotmelt Technology offers complete solutions for carpet assembly, which are user-friendly and less damaging.

This setup is arranged with an overflow system, equipped with linear guides and a frame made of coated aluminum. The setup is also provided with an integrated control center. The glue applicator is equipped with 20 swirlnozzles, which realize a smooth glue service of 800mm wide in just one track.

BIT Hotmelt Technology has a lot of experience with carpet assembly. We can provide a complete solution for every purpose.

We listen to your wishes and provide tailored service, so we can create a solution for your production which is as efficiently as possible. For this, or any other safe and durable solution, like edge banding, feel free to contact us!

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