Meler Micron Melt-on-demand

The Meler Micron Melt-on-Demand system ensures that the hotmelt quality is maintained. The Meler Micron MOD is available with 2, 4 or 6 hotmelt hoses and guns. Read the technical specifications below.

Hotmelt unit equipped with:

  • Integrated automatic filling system
  • Double acting piston pump
  • Tank filter with drain valve
  • Control with:
    • Temperature control of all zones (tank, 2 glue hoses and 2 glue heads)
    • Stand-by arrangement function
    • Weekly timer
    • Automatic filling device
  • Digital inputs for:
    • Stand-by on / off
    • Format change
  • Digital outputs for:
    • Temperature ready
    • Low level notification (optional)
CoolTouch protection covers
More energy efficient due to:
Optimally insulated tank
Equal distribution of the heat
Other advantages:
Fully compatible
Quick and easy to clean
Easy in use

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