CompactAir MC

CompactAir MC

This hotmelt unit is suitable for foaming hotmelt adhesive and is available in 8, 30 or 120 liters.

Advantages of foams:

  • Saving of adhesive – up to 70%
  • Lower product density, so less heat transfer
  • Longer open time of the glue
  • Larger volume
  • Flexible glue yield (gas chain)

Examples of products with foamed glue:

  • Insulation materials
  • Plastic products
  • Mattresses
  • Gasketing (seals)

See the specifications in the table below:

Tank volume Melting capacity(1) Pump capacity(2)
CompactAir 8 MC 8 liters 10 kg/hour 40 liters/hour
CompactAir 30 MC 30 liters 25 kg/hour 95 liters/hour
CompactAir 120 MC 120 liters 100 kg/hour 375 liters/hour
  1. Adhesive-dependent
  2. Foamed mass


Below you can download the documentation of the CompactAir MC with further information.

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