Hotmelt Guns Standard

Hotmelt Guns Standard

The standard hotmelt guns available at BIT Hotmelt Technology are ideal for applying point-to-line gluing. Below you will find the technical specifications.

Technical specifications:

  • 1 to XXX modules
  • 1 or more glue connections
  • Compatible with many brands of hotmelt equipment (sensor – connector)
  • Individual or common air
  • AOSC or AOAC version
  • Aluminum body for stable temperature distribution
  • Easy access to all components with service


  • Insulation covers (safety and energy efficient)
  • Integrated filter
  • IP65 (waterwash) version

All versions of the standard hotmelt guns are available on request. BIT Hotmelt Technology can also supply hotmelt guns on request


Below you can download the documentation of the hotmelt guns standard with further information.

Hotmelt pattern standard

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