Hotmelt Guns Swirl

Hotmelt Guns Swirl

This is the right type of hotmelt guns to apply a hotmelt swirl pattern. This pattern is often used as anti-slip on a product, for pallet stabilization for example. The hotmelt is applied as a circle by extra supplied (heated) air.

Technical specifications:

  • 1 to XXX modules
  • 1 or more hotmelt connections
  • Swirl air supply with reducing valve and pressure gauge
  • Compatible with many brands of hotmelt equipment (sensor – connector)
  • Individual or common air
  • Aluminum body for stable temperature distribution
  • Easy access to all components


  • Integrated filter
  • IP65 (waterwash) version
  • Swirl modules with ZC needle closure (PU applications)

All versions of the swirl hotmelt guns are available on request. BIT Hotmelt Technology can also supply hotmelt guns on request.


Below you can download the documentation of the swirl hotmelt guns with further information.

Hotmelt Pattern Swirl

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