Hotmelt hand gun HP08

Hotmelt hand gun HP08

The hotmelt hand gun HP08, developed by BIT Hotmelt Technology, is an ergonomic hotmelt hand gun and can be mounted on a swivel arm and balancer. This makes the gun weightless in use what is a big ergonomic advantage. The operator immediately has two hands free for processing the product after use. The risk of damaging the hand gun is also minimal because it can’t fall. Another advantage is that the hotmelt yields are very precise and no wire formation occurs through the use of a standard module.

Several options are possible:

  • 2nd handle
  • Electric microswitch for start pump / start swirl air
  • Needle valve ZC module (PU version)

The hotmelt hand gun can be delivered in Standard and Swirl versions.


Below you can download the documentation of the hotmelt hand gun HP08 with further information.

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