CS nozzle

CS Nozzle

The CS nozzles are high quality hotmelt guns for the very even and contactless application of hotmelt adhesives over large surfaces.

Easy in use

By using modules with fine adjustment, the glue yield can be reduced to a minimum of 2 to 3 grams per square meter. The hardened steel nozzle, in combination with masks for hotmelt and air, ensure that the CS nozzle is very low-maintenance and easy to use.

Exactly positioned

The CS nozzle produces a high edge sharpness and, in combination with a sharp start / stop, ensures that the adhesive is positioned exactly at high speeds. The hotmelt is transported from the nozzle through the air support, spread over two air masks. As a result, it stretches and provides a very low yield per square meter.

The CS nozzles are standard equipped with integrated filter and a drain valve.

Applications for these CS nozzles are:

  • Lamination of foils
  • Self-adhesive making of foam materials
  • Laminating of non-woven material
  • Lamination of cardboard and paper


Below you can download the documentation of the CS Nozzle with further information.

Hotmelt pattern CS Nozzle

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