European House of Beds

In collaboration with our Danish partner Lim Tech, a solution has been realized for the company European House of Beds.

European House of Beds produces a wide range of box springs and mattresses for leading furniture chains, bed specialists and independent dealers in Scandinavia.

The following problems arose during the production of the mattresses:

  • quality of the bonding; the adhesion was not good enough
  • insufficient capacity on the production line; This is partly caused by many malfunctions and a slow gluing process.

The goal is to produce 1 mattress per production line every 30 seconds. The glue connections must be stronger than the materials of the mattress.

By foaming the glue, another type of glue can be used that does provide full adhesion. In addition, we have installed stationary glue heads, one with 55 and one with 88 modules. Together with the smart and automatic controller, European House of Beds can now achieve the intended results.

We always look for or create a reliable and innovative solution for you!

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